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Sathuragiri Trip Experience

2009 August 24
Posted by vsram58


we went to sadhuragiri 3 times.all the time we saw many miracles in that the sanskrit language “Deivam manushya roopena” we saw the god sundaramahalingam directly in sadhuragiri .its our pleasure. if we belive the god he will help to continue our journey.we gave changes to sathus about RS;75/= at sundaramahalingam sannathi. for last sathu there was no money in my daughters hand to give him.if it be that sadhu smiled at us very smoothly as like sunderamahalingam his linga view and said ” nalla iruppa ma nalla iruppa ,eppavum nalla iruppa “in between i went down took my daughter and wife photo.we came to our house again and saw the photos in system.the photo was very whiteish. we said some devottees . they said its all the gods game. he wished your daughter .we are very happy and lucky to met the god .such a beautifical and misterious hill.

We went to Sathuragiri many times.But we saw many miracles in that mountain . last dasara holidays we went there with my friends and family . we reached to watrap . my friend felt there someone lift up her foot .she was very happy because she had many operations in her body and she was annai devotee also .we met there some temple cometee members and they helped us to stay there. They gave the supper also. that night we stayed there. next day we stared to thaniparai by auto . we know the way of sandana mahalingam and sundara mahalingam temple In the forest area. so we started at Early morning 5 o clock . We were prayed ” Om namatsivaya ” namam through the way . nearing vazhukkuparai we climbed the rock and then we shocked because the way was closed with a linga roopa rock. we heard there very heavy sound of falls . we didnot heard the same sound last time we passed there. so we confused wheather we passed the place wrongly. so we sat down there and say loudly om namatchivaya and om namo narayana. suddenly my daughter said We turned back how we came. we shouted “anybody is there to heip us? “.one man said reply named srinivasan”am on the way. pleace be stay there. he came with us .we said him all the incidents happpened there. but he said this way only go to reach temple,no another way is here in this root. We followed the person and nearing vazhukkuparai the linga roopa parai was dis appear.we were again wondered . we thinked god has saved us from any dangerous situation. so he came like linga roopa parai(sivan) to closed the way and we protected by the Lord vishnu in the name of srinivasan to climb the hill.we thanked the god and continued our trip again.

its the challangeable and good worshiping   Place.

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  1. Meeraevi permalink
    January 30, 2010

    I feel that your previous life good deeds brought Shiva himself to guide you.You are really lucky.It is a siddhar boomi where everything happens on the orders of the siddhas residing there. You got the blessings directly from them.Congratulations.

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